Sikes Chair

Maker: Sikes Chair Company
Year: 1859 – 1956


In 1859 the company was established and operated as S.D. Sikes & Brother for 15 years at 500 Clinton Street, Buffalo, NY.  In 1875 the Buffalo Chair Company, a subsidiary of Edwin Sikes & Co, was founded.  From 1904-1906 Sikes Chair Company moved to Philadelphia, PA, and operated there for several years.  In 1916 Sikes Chair Company resumed operations in Buffalo, NY.  Buffalo Chair Company went out of business in 1919.  In 1930 The Sikes Chair Company bought the Cutler Desk Company to become the Sikes-Cutler Desk Corporation.  The Sikes Chair Company was bankrupted in the Great Depression.  No furniture was made from 1929-1933.  By 1933, the economy was entering a growth spurt and The Sikes Company continued the manufacture of fine furniture until 1956.

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  1. Rebecca Says:

    I have a Sikes chair with label #sates 1360 but has a hand written 1/2 after the #. Balck finish with 5 spindles on the back and 2 support spindles behind. I feel its in excellent condition and am wondering if there’s any way to determine value?

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  4. Jackson Payne Says:

    Bruce, I bought mine for $10 at a thrift store but it would take a lot for me to part with it. I don’t have a feeling that there is hidden collector value here, though it is well worth the value of other fine chairs.

  5. Bruce Procopus Says:

    I have the same chair. Can you advise what it is worth?

  6. Jackson Payne Says:

    I am not an expert on Sikes Chairs. I found this one at a thrift store and I love it. I would like to see pictures of your chair if you have them.

  7. Ellen Campen Says:

    Can you tell me when and how many of the cathedral back windsor chairs ( 1341-1/2) were made w/ the rectangular, blue and tan, Sikes Chair Company, Buffalo, NY label? How would you value it today if in very good condition?

    Thank you very much,
    A Fan,

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